Repenting while walking through the sins intentionally committed. Gazing through the barren lands in order to find what seems to be missing. Cherishing those moments which turned out to be lies. Mesmerised by the flashbacks of time which live by as blurry memories. As to how long can I keep up to this? How many hours spent writing on what seems to be the daily mess. Yet we evolve within the circle of life and call it progress.
Here I gaze down at the the empty paths ahead of me. This is where i picture what is meant to be my life: does it deserve a second chance?
Flipping through the old books to see what sly comments we jotted. Smiling at those old photos of pleasure and frowning at those that made life sick. Figuring ways to omit the circle we revolve in yet falling for the same trap in a different disguise.
Oh life oh life. What a pleasure you are. Enjoyed upon yet grieved upon. Not one to give up on but still, is it a one to fight for?

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