Stargazing; looking up into the sky and though I may seemed to be focusing on the beauty and the tiny details of the sky above us, I’m there standing lost within myself.
The memories jotting up making my reactions more or less bipolar. Tears of joy and tears of sorrow flow down together and Its when I’m mixed within my emotions, I see the light to guide my soul to the path which is straight for me. Yet I stargaze, just to look up and remember from where we begun to how we ended.
Look down and into the rivers ahead, started to run in favour of the winds blowing away from the water. Escaping memory lane just to come to reality and find what is missing.
Running, running and running. Looking up into the sky to see that one star I was focused on yet look down on me. I see hope yet I sense fear, I see guidance yet I see a blank wall. What is it that made me run? the fear, the anxiety or the opportunity?
I may seem naive or may seem confused but it’s only you that mistook my kindness and well understanding. You think you achieve by gaining all your interest around me but, what you don’t know is I do it from the bottom of my heart just to make sure you’re happy.
Pity the soul that doesn’t see the star shine down on us. I’m mesmerising and yet I run and run on the fields to find myself the path. Out of breath, I reach the oak tree. Rest myself against it to catch up on my breath. Lookup to stargaze and yet see that one star shine down on me. It’s when I give up, give up to see what happens and that’s when I find myself at ease. Rest well, look ahead and see you walk in again. Oh Lord, the star has come down and found me beneath the branches of this beautiful tree. I finally figured, all this time it was you staring at me.
I’m waiting you, I’m waiting calmly for how it is to end this time for I have no more expectations and yet I sense the emotions rising. Don’t make me be what I was before and don’t make me run again. I have found comfort under this tree.

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